Hello there, for those of you that do not realize who I am, I am ugly christmas sweater marky. What those of you that do realize who I am might not know is that I am PrimeBOSS of Stl_vintage, the world famous vintage clothing store on ebay. I only do the ugly christmas sweater thing as my secondary mode for a couple of months of the year. For the rest of the damn year I convert into my primary mode, which is highly efficient. At Stl_vintage, we keep a smooth train locomoting at all times, we take extremely lazy people and get them gritty through hard nosed discipline until they become smiling geniouses. I feel relieved on this day to get off of my chest once and for all the true nature of my business and how the organism functions on a day to day basis, step by step. Take some of this shed light for example:

We send sentries all over the world to harvest the freshest, finest, most choice vintage crops we can find. We have been know to be perfectly capable of filling an entire dump truck full of vintage treasures. Whether it's a true to life vintage artifact of extreme rarity, athletic apparel, fun stuff for an 80's dance party, or even a really smooth, killer vintage suit for you to look your best in, we've probably got something for you. We even pick up newer used designer shirts to offer it up at discount prices for what you'd have to pay normally for brand new ones.

After that, we demand that our sentries inspect every piece of clothing they bring in with an immense level of concentration. They are paid nothing to do this in hopes that they will catch all kinds of minor blemishes and imperfections that we can let you know about before you make your purchase. We try to make it so that you know exactly what you are getting when you pay for it. How about that, you know? As you can see one of our sentries gets a headache from time to time, this is caused by work stress. He knows that if he misses a blemish he will most certainly be fired by me!

Then, the next step in this process, the next thing, is that we demand that our sentries model off our stuff and take the pictures, only the finest of the pics will do. Notice myself in the picture critiquing a lowly sentry on beauty, cleanliness, and model jobbery. Doesn't she just look nice? Sometimes this can take all day long, but I don't mind!

Next comes computers. The photographs are jammed into each computer to be further analyzed, sized, and decided upon. We also do lots of research on these computers to best describe the thing we are selling, so that hopefully we put the right words in the title that you can find what you are looking for more easily. The clothing is all measured out for you and described beautifully so that for further accuracy.

Later on at night, when I and my sentries are tired, I disassemble them and store them away in their cages, making sure to give them some kind of toy and a bowl of water. This encourages good future behavior out of them and makes them more loyal to me as the days drag on, ensuring a quality product for you, no holds barred!

And when christmas time comes, beware, you can count your rupies that ol' ugly christmas sweater marky will be back, and with a vengeance.